Sep 262012

What is NEXT?

When I left Vegas exactly 2 years ago TODAY, I didn’t just leave behind a house, I left behind a dream, a vision that I had way before I ever set foot into the Seville house. It was to create an awesome place to live with other awesome people in an environment not just for wild parties, but for great social experience. Most people that were roommates of the Seville house agree that it was some of the best times of their lives, I know that I would say so myself, I really loved it there.

Now 2 years later after being a little busto trying to make it by playing baseball in Europe in the summers and living low budget in Thailand off of internet content work, I’ve finally got to where I want to be:  making enough to live on and be free to do it from anywhere in the world. BUT WHERE? These are the ideas that keep coming up in drunken bar conversations, but what’s the most sober and logical … and most interesting… AND fun choice?

1.) Project Paradise

Find a big house on a beautiful beach… somewhere? I don’t know where but I would have to do a lot of research for this still. But the idea would be to lease an awesome house for 1-2 years on a fun beach that would be enjoyable year around. Have 5+ bedrooms, for 4+ awesome people and create the ultimate party/paradise environment possible.

Location is everything! Which beach or island? Thailand, South America, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, or?

2.) Recreate a New & Better Seville House in Vegas.

Move back to Las Vegas and start a new Seville House in a better location, a much newer house and combine it with better amenities and an awesome environment.

3.) Start a new Seville House in a different City?

Okay, sure, it’s all about a big house with lots of cool roommates somewhere. I guess that’s where I’ve had the most fun, some of the best memories, and met some of the coolest and most interesting people.

Anyone, the world is huge and we only live once. Let me know if you have any ideas you’d like to share, I’m at a serious crossroads now trying to figure out what the next big project is.

Aug 162012

I know it’s been a while since I made a real post here, mainly just been posting YouTube videos from my various channels as that’s all I really do anymore. I remember when this blog was all about partying every single night and posting 200 pictures around lunch everyday from the night before.

Now, I just spend about 23-24 hours a day in my small apartment in Bangkok and just learn more and more about YouTube and continue to put out videos about things that interest me. And.. every Sunday I go down to Pattaya (an hour south of BKK) and I spend the day playing softball with a great group of guys there.

So I guess now I should change my name from Adam Van Wildest to Adam Van Boringest. The good news is that I am really enjoying what I’m doing, especially all of the wildlife stuff and all of the hard work and sacrifices I’ve made over the last year are finally starting to pay off like I always dreamed that it would.

I won’t go into much details about that just yet.. it still doesn’t seem that long ago from when I posted my “Completely Broke in Thailand” video. It’s been … exactly 10 months since that day and in 2 months I’ll be making a follow up video and I’m really excited about the huge turn around. From Busto to Robosto… well maybe,  I’ll be posting that video in 2 months.

Aug 142012

In the Florida Everglades national park, researchers recaptured what is now the biggest snake ever caught in America. The huge Burmese python was 17 feet 7 inches long and weight exactly 164.5 pounds.

They originally caught the snake and put tracers on it earlier this year. They re caught it and killed it so they can study more about these Burmese pythons and what they are doing in the area.

Massive Python found in Florida

The snake had 87 eggs inside of it, which also broke a US record for most eggs by 2, as the previous record was 85. This makes me sad that they are killing snakes but at the same time I can understand how there is a mass over population of these Burmese pythons in the Everglades region and they are killing all of the animals as a report stated a 90% drop in the small mammal population. That’s pretty crazy!

So what do you guys think… should they kill all of these snakes or is there another way?

Aug 092012

One in a trillion! These girls are amazing.

Abby & Brittany – Conjoined Twins

Abigail and Brittany’s new reality show starts in a couple of weeks. August 28th to be exact and will air on TLC.

I was impressed with their softball swing. Can you imagine gripping the bat with one arm, then someone else grabbing it with their opposite arm and then you try swinging the bat and actually making contact. Impressive.

And good form too, looks like their lower half was driving the ball as well. A lefty swing and lefty throwing arm, I wonder if they switch it around?

Aug 062012

There has been a lot of talk recently about the laws protecting deadly sharks. The number of shark attacks this year have been much larger than recent years resulting in many injuries and human deaths.

Shark Attacks Another Surfer

The question is, do we let fisherman go crazy and catch as many of these sharks without any limits, possibly making these sharks endangered in the future… OR do we blame people for being irresponsible for swimming, surfing or diving in shark infested waters at the wrong times of day?

Aug 042012

This man is convinced that he has new proof of the Loch Ness Monster. Is it real or just more of the same old hoax almost 80 years in the making.

2012 Loch Ness Monster Proof?

This videos shows the new picture taken of the Loch Ness Monster just recently and explains more about the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster and George Edwards, the man who took the photo.

Aug 042012

I wouldn’t say that this giant fish is of this world at first glance, it looks very alienistic. Is alienistic even a word? Well it is now. This is of earth and it’s a type of sunfish which grows to be the heaviest type of “bony” fish in the entire world.

Big Alien Fish

Looks like a moon. I am not certified to be a diver as it never really crossed my mind as a lot of my friends have gone through different levels of diving certificates. After seeing underwater sea life like this, it actually makes me want to get diver certified.

I could go down to Phuket, buy an underwater camera and probably film some amazing adventures in the clear waters of Thailand. Well… unfortunately, none of that sounds cheap so I won’t be able to do it for a while. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the video. Click like, favorite if you want and thanks for subscribing to my YouTube channels.