Dec 132011

Boardwalk Empire just officially became my new favorite show!

It sucks that it took til the last few episodes of season 2 of Boardwalk Empire before it finally became REALLY good.  Now the we’ll have to wait almost another year before we get more!

I don’t really want to throw any spoilers into this post, but feel free to make any comments about the show if you watch it and which will not be responsible for any spoilers.

  • There were a lot of shockers that’s for sure.
  • James’s reason he left university…
  • The main characters that are kill? wtf…
  • The turn of events that follow…
  • And..The last scene of the finale..
Crazy, but fun, I love this show!  What do you think? Leave your comments below.
Dec 102011

Upton Vending | Vending Machines & Refreshment Systems since 1969

Here is a video I just checked out about Upton Vending.  They are a part of the rain forest alliance and best of all, they have hot coffee vending machines.    If you’re addicted to coffee like me or you’re on board with the rain forest alliance then check out their video and show your support.