Jan 092012

Lock ‘n’ load – KMAN

This is the single for the upcoming album “Prevail to extinction”. This album will be “download free” in April 2012.

Jan 062012

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Dec 292011

When my boy left the east coast to join all of us out in the Las Vegas desert, there were a few things he missed from back home. Cool weather, hanging out with Snookie and good pizza. If he knows anything, its pizza and his love for pies has him on a mission- to find the best pizza in Las Vegas.

The City of Las VegasAs a tourist, I never really just how big of a city Vegas really was. When I moved to the city of Sin in 2004, I couldn’t believe how spread out this town was once you left the strip. I once drove an entire hour without any traffic to meet a girl and never left the city limits. Okay, maybe  I do remember making a couple of wrong turns during that 3am drunken drive, but my point is- There are a lot of Pizza Restaurants in Las Vegas.

He started a website a while back focused on providing fellow Las Vegas locals, as well as weekend tourists, a complete and personal guide to the Best Pizza in Las Vegas. Avoiding the big corporate pizza restaurant chains, he provides a full directory of all of the pizza places in Las Vegas. Complete with delivery numbers and addresses, you can easily find a good joint near you.

Perhaps the best part about this pizza blog is his detailed reviews. Join him as virtual takes you right into each pizza joint and gives you the cheesy insight complete with all the toppings with a 1st hand look at what these pizzerias are all about. Taste buds, stories, and pictures make for colorful and mouth watering reviews. I must warn you, after visiting BestPizzainLasVegas.com, you won’t be able to resist the urge to order your own pizza.

Biaggios Pizzeria Pepperoni Pizza


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Dec 292011

Viralprint “The Printing Company That Pays You Back”

Here is a sponsored video. Viralprint. The printing company that pays you back. I love the rotating earth effect.

Dec 282011

occupy pokerstars

Protest PokerStars! Mass Sit-out!

This sucks. PokerStars has decided to make changes in the VIP club and increase the rake in spite of all of the regs complaining about it. This will literally steals thousands of dollars from the regular grinders who have been loyal to PokerStars for years.

This change will take affect starting January 1st, 2012 and will drastically hurt ALL cash game players. Whether you are a once a month player, or a daily player, please join forces to help protest this shady increase in rake.

Sit out on January 1st 2012! 12pm EST.

Protesting PokerStars rake increaseAnd whether you are a poker player or not, at least help us out by visiting the Protest PokerStars Facebook page and click “like”



Dec 272011

Graffiti artist in Amsterdam

For two different parts of my life I lived very close to Amsterdam. In 2004, It was only a 2 hour train ride away from my place in Antwerp, Belgium. Then in 2008, I was only 20 minutes by train from the center as I lived in a small suburb of Amsterdam called Bussum.

Between all of the partying, drinking, smoking, $@#%^&ing I always wondered where all of the beautiful graffiti art came from. Daniel RECAL Oosterman is a graffiti artist, and a great one at that. In this video above, he gives a quick preview of some of his work.

He is well known around the Netherlands for his variety of methods and deep emotion. If you liked the video, subscribe to his channel and you can learn more about Daniel “Recal” Oosterman by visiting the Recal Fan Page.