Oct 222012

I’m back in Bangkok after vacationing in Hua Hin. My decision is between Bangkok and Vegas and since I’m having a little trouble finding the right place for the right price in Bangkok, I’m starting to lean more towards making Vegas my home for the next few years.

Here is the location of the house we are looking into. It’s very close to 2 major highways and Fremont street, the old strip. The main Las Vegas strip isn’t very far and easily accessible by a bus line very close to the house. This is one of the best locations you can have in Vegas excluding being directly on the strip- which I wouldn’t want because then you are always having problems with traffic. So, I’m loving this location personally.

A friend was kind enough to go by the Vegas mansion and take some pictures which I have included below along with the pictures from the original real estate post. This appears to be a 6 bedroom house with lots of space downstairs as well as some big open areas upstairs to create plenty of fun social environments in different parts of the house. Looks like we have 4 of us total wanting to move in as soon as soon it’s finalized and that’s with keeping everything on the down low.

Me, Ryan Parker, A new friend from Netherlands, and Allana McOsker from Las Vegas. Ryan and Allana are awesome people and the new friend from Netherlands seems pretty chill as most people I have met when I used to live near Amsterdam.

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