Aug 092014

Images of a mermaid body has been spreading around the internet like wildfire, but what is it exactly? My first instinct is that if this was a real mermaid, then it would be all over world news. CNN, FOX, and ever local news station would have picked up this mermaid story in a heart beat.

So if these mermaid photos are not real, then what are they exactly?

Mermaid Photos Explained

Aug 062014
A giant crocodile in the Adelaide River in Kakadu, Australia is photographed having a bull shark for lunch. The giant croc is thought to be around 80 years old. It is also missing it’s left front leg. Maybe this is revenge on the shark that took it’s leg? It ate the bull shark whole!

Aug 302013

This cool video shows a kangaroo fighting a dog. The Great Dane charges after the kangaroo as it appears to just want to play with another animal his size. The defensive kangaroo isn’t in a playful mood as he tries to drown the barking dog.

Dog almost drown by Kangaroo

The dog was lucky as his owner ended up saving him from drowning at the last minute as he jumped in the water and took away from the kangaroo.

Aug 232013

What is it? This strange animal carcass was found by a woman floating along a beach in Spain. Experts have yet to identify this weird looking sea monster with horns. I’ve never see any kind of sea creature with horns like these.

Mysterious Horned Beast on Beach

Any ideas of what this weird dead sea carcass could be?

Aug 132013

Pregnant Hammerhead shark is pulled out of the ocean and gives birth to a bunch of baby sharks while about 100 beach bums watch.

Mother Hammerhead Shark Gives Birth

The Florida hammerhead shark babies made it back to the ocean safely but it was too late for the mother as she was reported dead by about 3pm yesterday.