Aug 302013

This cool video shows a kangaroo fighting a dog. The Great Dane charges after the kangaroo as it appears to just want to play with another animal his size. The defensive kangaroo isn’t in a playful mood as he tries to drown the barking dog.

Dog almost drown by Kangaroo

The dog was lucky as his owner ended up saving him from drowning at the last minute as he jumped in the water and took away from the kangaroo.

Aug 232013

What is it? This strange animal carcass was found by a woman floating along a beach in Spain. Experts have yet to identify this weird looking sea monster with horns. I’ve never see any kind of sea creature with horns like these.

Mysterious Horned Beast on Beach

Any ideas of what this weird dead sea carcass could be?

Aug 132013

Pregnant Hammerhead shark is pulled out of the ocean and gives birth to a bunch of baby sharks while about 100 beach bums watch.

Mother Hammerhead Shark Gives Birth

The Florida hammerhead shark babies made it back to the ocean safely but it was too late for the mother as she was reported dead by about 3pm yesterday.

Aug 122013

Real vampire skeletons found in Bulgaria? So these skeletons were found with stakes in their hearts and bricks in their mouths. People are saying that these were vampires that were killed and buried like that so they wouldn’t rise from the dead

Vampire Skeletons Found

Could these be real? I believe that vampires could have existed in one point in time, but they probably were not as strong as they are made out to be in the movies and were probably weak and very evil. Lost Boys? I gotta see that movie again, it’s been too long!

Jul 252013

Shark attacks 18 year old girl in Brazil. ¬†Teenager Bruna Gobbi and her cousin swam too far and starting drowning, but everything looked okay as a government camera showed 3 different life guards swimming toward the girls and were about to save them when….

Out of no where! A bull shark attacked Bruna. You can see in the footage below a big splash next to the girl followed by a pool of blood and then she disappears under the water for a moment. She was then drug back to shore, most of her left leg was missing.

Shark Attacks on Humans – Caught on Tape

Recife, Brazil is known for many shark attacks and there are many warnings signs alerting tourist of how deadly it is to risk swimming at beaches in the area. RIP Bruna.

My Newest Video

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Jul 182013

So lately my posts have been someone boring, not as much partying and more of the working and video editing. That’s my life though… I go through phases, …. work really hard for a long time… the play really hard for a long time.

Over the last 6-7 weeks I’ve been working really hard learning Adobe Premier Pro CS6 as well as putting time into improving my YouTube channel, editing skills, acting skills (not that I have any), and production education. I’m still far … far … away from being a Great editor/producer/actor and I’m nowhere close to being anywhere in the top 500 YouTube channels, but today I feel pretty good about where I’ve come so far.

I’m proud of this video that I just made and while I can clearly see areas that needs improvement, I’m glad to be where I am at right now. So I’ll keep working hard and trying to get better and any feedback from you guys on anything is always appreciated. I love constructive¬†criticism! I find the best way to improve is when someone you know tells you how you could do something better!

WTF is this Creature?